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Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Green Tea

This Chinese artisan scented green tea, is created through a series of intricate processes. The finest, spring green leaves are hand rolled and wrapped in paper to form pearls, once dried these are set aside until the Summer when the wonderfully intriguing Jasmine flower comes into season. These flowers only open during the evening when the temperature drops, releasing their delicate, sweet and floral aroma. These blossoms are placed over the leaves seven times in order for them to soak up their fragrance. When infused with hot water, the pearls unfurl in a Dragonesque manner.

For an everyday Jasmine tea , try our Jasmine Huang Shan Ya


Brewing Guide

1 tsp // 85°C // 2-4 mins

(allow boiled water to cool for 2 minutes)


Sizes Available

Taster pouch - enough for 2 pots

Reusable tin - 100g

Biodegradable refill pack - 200g


For larger quantities please email


Price: from £3.00
Not available.

Price: from £3.00


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