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Supreme Matcha
Exquisite Collection

This Ceremonial Grade Matcha is grown on the outskirts of the ancient city of Kyoto, along the banks of the uji gawa, in a region renowned for producing the highest grade.

Made from the nutrient-rich young leaves of the tea plant, which have been shade grown for at least 30 days and stone milled in the traditional way. This Matcha has an impeccably intense umami flavour and velvety softness to the finish.

As this is a powder created by grinding the leaves, it is versatile and easy to use; brew as a tea with hot water or with milk as a latte, add to smoothies or juices for a super food boost, or add to your flour in cake or bread mixes for added flavour.


Taster pouch - enough for two servings

Tin - 100g


Price: from £3.00
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Price: from £3.00


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