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White Peony (Pai Mu Tan)
White Tea

From the same magnificent tea plant strain which brings us the revered Silver Needle, White Peony is comprised of mixture of unopened buds and larger leaves. This creates a light, bright white tea which is smooth in texture and packed for of health inducing anti-oxidants. A great every day white tea.

White teas lend themselves beautifully to other flavours, try mixing this with some of your herbal favourites to give them extra character. We love to experiment in Leaf HQ and enjoy our white tea with a sprinkle of peppermint or rose petals.


Brewing Guide

1 tsp // 85°C // 2-4 mins

(allow boiled water to cool for 2 minutes)


Sizes Available

Taster pouch - enough for 2 pots

Reusable tin - 45g

Biodegradable refill pack - 90g


For larger quantities please email

Price: from £2.00
Not available.

Price: from £2.00


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